About me

About me

Welcome to my store. This has inspired me to start off selling my first product :)

No man should ever have his wallet in his back pocket. Not because he is heading to Barcelona, but simply because it is bad for your back and sitting posture.

Just recently my lower back was giving me grief at work so i had to get this sorted. After many times spent on the physio and Euro, i figured it out.

"Stop Everything.... Never do that again!" he yelped, as i go to lay down on the bench. He pointed at the wallet and asked do i always put it there, to which i replied "Yes". Mission!!!! Find a new wallet :)

After 5 visits to the physio and 250 Euro later i discovered the "Slim Wallet". It now fits nicely in my front pocket and i haven't had a an issue since. Wooohoooooo.

Check out the Wallet below.



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